Emma Wiles

I was really pleased to take up coaching with Kelly not long into lockdown 2020.


We agreed the focus of the coaching and Kelly kept me true to my ambition from the outset. Her methods and techniques have been great, and really push you, sometimes out of your comfort zone. And guess what, it feels great! I found the coaching with Kelly invaluable in many ways and often have moments of ‘what would Kelly say, guiding me through situations, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Tina Rehal

Kelly has been amazing over the past 11 months during my executive coaching programme helping me to reflect on my own skills, smash through invisible blockers, work on my confidence and help me to be a better version of myself by simply believing in myself more.

Her support and confidential coaching has been invaluable and having many years in the rail industry she was best fit for me and truly understood the challenges. Thank you Kelly.

Neil Garland

I undertook a coaching programme with Kelly to help me identify and develop some key skills and behaviours, the coaching coincided with a change in my role and a move to a different employer.

Kelly provided structure, clarity and process to enable me to make this transition and ‘hit the ground running’ in a new role. She also provided me with a great set of tools that I will continue to use to support my personal and professional development.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make that next step in their career or develop their professional skills.

Tara Deller Hoy

Having previously worked with Kelly when she was HR Director I found her an inspiring and dynamic leader.

When I found out that Kelly was offering executive coaching I seized the opportunity, as I was new in a role, to join Kelly’s coaching programme. Kelly’s intuition and guidance have been second to none by the way she understands my strengths and weaknesses, helping me to put into place structure and self development, which has enabled me to continue to grow into a more effective leader.

I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity of coaching from Kelly where at all possible. The tools and structure she helped me put into place I continue to use on a daily basis. Thank you Kelly it was truly an enlightening experience!

Mike Trotman

Kelly’s approach was friendly and professional. She put together a bespoke and flexible coaching programme for me that worked seamlessly around my busy schedule.

This was all done very effectively and safely online due to Covid-19 restrictions. An agreement was drawn up between us and goals set which provided a good foundation to build upon. The process was thorough and included a well being plan that helped me to maintain a healthy balance throughout the uncertainty of the global pandemic. Throughout the coaching process Kelly was extremely supportive and I have come out of it with more clarity and a deeper understanding of my core strengths.

Having previously completed formal management training courses, the personalised coaching I received from Kelly went far beyond expectations. Thank you Kelly. Highly recommended.